Wilton Cake Marker

Three adjustable marker pins snap into place and slide along the ruler edge to mark cake Easily mark the sides of your cake for perfect placement of accents, borders and more Section sides of cake easily for evenly spaced garlands, drop strings, floral placement Ruler allows marking from 1 inch from work surface to 6 inch from work surface An easy way to help you decorate accurately and inconspicuously

หมวดหมู่ : Cake Decorating



Three marker pins snap into place along the edge of the vertical ruler with a stable base so you can mark the placement for decorations. Imagine being able to easily mark three parallel lines around your cake for evenly distributed side decorations. Or use it to divide your cake for evenly spaced garlands, drop strings, floral placement and much more. No matter why you need to mark the sides of your cake, this tool can help you get it done accurately and inconspicuously. So much easier than holding a ruler with one hand and trying to accurately mark with another. Hand wash.


Beater blade fits tilt-head stand mixers. It continuously beats, scrapes, folds and mixes ingredients. It cuts mixing time by as much as 50% and is perfect for cookies, frostings, quick breads, flavored butters and more. เหมาะสำหรับเครื่องตี รุ่น Artisan

฿ 1,200 ฿ 1,200
สมาชิก ฿ 900 ฿ 900 -25%

Angled Design Detachable Blade 5.25 in long Ideal for any cake decorating Easy to use

฿ 175 ฿ 175
สมาชิก ฿ 155 ฿ 155 -11%

฿ 130 ฿ 130
สมาชิก ฿ 120 ฿ 120 -8%

฿ 50 ฿ 50
สมาชิก ฿ 90 ฿ 90 +80%
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