Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Cake Stand


Cake-decorating turntable makes it simple to decorate professional-looking desserts at home 12-inch platform with soft-grip ring and smooth-rolling track; works left- or right-handed 3-inch non-slip base offers ergonomic height and locks to ensure sturdy use Holds cakes up to 11 inches (or larger if placed on cake boards); removable platform for easy cleanup Measures 12 by 12 by 3-1/5 inches

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Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Cake Stand

Experience the ultimate in turntable control. The Trim n Turn ULTRA combines an extra-high smooth-turning platform with non-slip detail for secure performance. The easy- locking platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing. Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling. Great for left-hand or right-hand users.

Product Measures: 12x12x3
Manufactured in: Taiwan
Material: Acrylonitrile ButadieneStyrene
Manufactured by: Wilton

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