Wilton Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Cake Stand

Cake-decorating turntable makes it simple to decorate professional-looking desserts at home 12-inch platform with soft-grip ring and smooth-rolling track; works left- or right-handed 3-inch non-slip base offers ergonomic height and locks to ensure sturdy use Holds cakes up to 11 inches (or larger if placed on cake boards); removable platform for easy cleanup Measures 12 by 12 by 3-1/5 inches

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Trim-N-Turn Ultra Rotating Cake Stand

Experience the ultimate in turntable control. The Trim n Turn ULTRA combines an extra-high smooth-turning platform with non-slip detail for secure performance. The easy- locking platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing. Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling. Great for left-hand or right-hand users.

Product Measures: 12x12x3
Manufactured in: Taiwan
Material: Acrylonitrile ButadieneStyrene
Manufactured by: Wilton


9in dia x 10.5in (23cm dia x 27cm) Coated Metal Stand Holds 24 mini cupcakes

฿ 990 ฿ 990
สมาชิก ฿ 890 ฿ 890 -10%

Size: Ø 324 x 515 mm Material: PP - Food Grade Plastic

฿ 1,100 ฿ 1,100
สมาชิก ฿ 980 ฿ 980 -11%

Size: Ø 324 x 515 mm Material: PP - Food Grade Plastic

฿ 1,100 ฿ 1,100
สมาชิก ฿ 980 ฿ 980 -11%

Use this paper souffle cup to serve sauces, condiments, and dressings along with your main courses at your establishment! It is an ideal addition to any food truck, kiosk, convenience store, or take-out service. Pack 50 pcs. เข้าเตาอบได้

฿ 125 ฿ 125
สมาชิก ฿ 100 ฿ 100 -20%
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