Wilton 4-Inch Lollipop Sticks, 150/pack

Sturdy paper sticks for chocolate or hard candy lollipops Pack of 150; 4 inch Not for oven use Create exciting cookie and cake pops for the ideal party treat Use wilton lollipop molds and easy-melting candy melts in a rainbow of colors.

หมวดหมู่ : Candy & Cake Pop



Wilton Lollipop Sticks are perfect for all your pops. Create exciting cookie and cake pops for the ideal party treat. For classic candy pops, use Wilton Lollipop Molds in exciting shapes and easy melting Candy Melts in a rainbow of colors. 4-Inch Pack of 150


Easy-handling spoon and fork each 7.75 in. long. Set/2.

฿ 240 ฿ 240
฿ 150 ฿ 150 -38%

Make ice cube, chocolate, candy, soap, candle, jello, crayons, clay for your children Set of 3 silicone mold.

฿ 650 ฿ 650
สมาชิก ฿ 585 ฿ 585 -10%

Have these Wilton lollipop sticks on hand whenever you want to make a tasty treat. Made of sturdy paper, this baking essential can be used as cake pop sticks or for chocolate lollipops made with Wilton candy melts candy and molds. Includes 100 sticks.

฿ 315 ฿ 315
฿ 150 ฿ 150 -52%

The Wilton Easy Pour funnel has push-button controls to control the flow of candy. One-handed operation makes this funnel easy to use.

฿ 280 ฿ 280
สมาชิก ฿ 255 ฿ 255 -9%
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