Building Bricks Lovers - Value Set Of 3, Lego


Make ice cube, chocolate, candy, soap, candle, jello, crayons, clay for your children Set of 3 silicone mold.

หมวดหมู่ : Supplies Candy & Cake Pop


One building brick mold(yellow mold, size of 19*12*2.3cm, make 10 of 4.7*2.5*1.7cm building bricks).

One small size Mini Figure mold(blue mold, size of 16.3*11.3*1.3cm, make 8 of 4*2.5*1.1cm Mini Figures).

One large size Mini Figure mold(Red Mold, size of 16.3*11.3*2.7cm, make 5 large Mini Figures)

Made of 100% food Grade silicone, eco-friendly, reusable, flexible, durable, non-toxic, BPA free Great for Lego birthday party and overall fun! Withstand low/high temperature: -40 to 260 Celsius(-40F to 400F)

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